How do I use my DockATot safely?


A Message About Sleep Safety

We at DockATot recognize that many people believe strongly that infants and young children should never sleep with adults in their bed while others believe—equally strongly—that such co-sleeping provides valuable emotional benefits. Our founder is a passionate bed-sharer and co-slept with both of her boys when they were infants, using the dock. When used in an adult bed properly, DockATot is very safe for co-sleeping. Just make sure to follow these important instructions:

DockATot should always be placed in the middle of the bed (not near the sides) and at the top of the bed during co-sleeping. DockATot and its protective sides facilitate correct back positioning while preventing the baby from rolling out of bed, hitting his head against the headboard, getting caught between the bed and the wall or wriggling down under the covers. The sides also help prevent parents from rolling on top of the baby. The sides are also comfy enough for the parent to have his/her arm over the side to pat and reassure the baby.

  • Always place your baby on his/her back to night and naptime sleep on a firm sleep surface to reduce the risk of SIDS.
  • Keep baby’s sleep area in the same area where parents sleep to reduce baby’s risk.
  • Give your baby plenty of supervised tummy time when they are awake for healthy development. DockATot makes tummy time fun and comfy for baby.
  • The DockATot™ must always be used in a child-safe and "supervised environment." A supervised environment is one in which a semi-alert, non-inebriated adult is co-sleeping next to baby. Adult does not need to be awake next to baby.
  • Child’s head should always be positioned at the head end of the DockATot.
  • Keep the baby’s sleep area free of loose items, such as toys, crib bumpers, pillows and blankets. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends the use of wearable blankets.
  • Always ensure that the DockATot is placed fully supported on its back on a flat, firm, and stable surface.
  • The DockATot Deluxe should not be used for unsupervised sleep. A supervised environment is one in which a semi-alert, non-inebriated adult is co-sleeping next to baby. Adult does not need to be awake next to baby.
  • The DockATot Grand makes for a comfortable and snug sleep area for children ages 9-36 months. 
  • When using the DockATot Grand in a child’s bed, ensure that the Dock is of a manageable height from which the child is able to safely descend.
  • The DockATot Grand must not be used for infants.

Failure to follow these warnings could result in death or serious injury.

Whether you use DockATot or not, we urge you to follow the safe sleeping tips extended by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission because absolutely nothing is more important than the safety of a child.Please visit for more information.

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