Why does my DockATot have mold?

There is nothing in the materials of DockATot that will cause molding. They don’t come with microbial activity. Anytime there are microbial organisms, such as from wet diapers, spit-up or sweat in combination with heat and dampness, mold can grow.

It's best to ventilate the pad often, as sometimes where there is microbial organisms in combination with heat and dampness, mold can grow. A textile product that sits days on end in the same spot, with a human body - warm and potentially releasing body fluids - placed inside for hours on end, potentially on top of a surface with less than ideal air-permeability, is not a great combo. Just like the recommendations are daily ventilation of regular bedding, to reduce the risk of microbial and dust mite build-up, the same goes for baby bedding. Move it, shake it, bring it up, away from static location, into the light and air.

Also, do not place a waterproof sheet or mattress underneath DockATot. All of our materials are breathable, so when placed on top of a non-breathable barrier, such as a waterproof sheet or mattress, there becomes an increased risk of overheating as well as microbial build-up.

It's important to avoid high humidity, dampness, and poorly ventilated parts. Like any piece of bedding, it's important that both cover and core are 100% dried after washing as well as before use or getting stowed away.

We recommend washing the pad and the cover per the instructions on the bottom of the cover, but add a cup of vinegar to the water for each piece, let it soak for an hour or two and rinse thoroughly.  The vinegar should help kill the mold and make it safe for you to use it again.

If you have any other questions or concerns you can contact us at hello@dockatot.com.

Caring for your DockATot from DockATot on Vimeo.

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