What are the dimensions of a Deluxe dock?

The inside dimensions for the Deluxe dock are as follows:

Buckled: Length of 22", width of 8"

Unbuckled: Length of 25", width of 8"

The height of the bumper pillow is 5" 

The Deluxe dock is intended for babies approximately 0-8 months or 5lbs-22lbs. The Grand dock is intended for tots approximately 8-36 months or 22lbs-40lbs. 

Our experience is that parents seem to think the baby has outgrown the Deluxe size way before baby is uncomfortable. The design includes buckles that lengthen the legs of the Deluxe dock, so babies can get longer use out of it. The buckle at the foot end, specifically on the Grand, is intended to be used for easy portability and storing and must remain unbuckled during use. 

One of our trademarks – "Reinventing the womb" – indicates that the dock is supposed to be snug. There are many users that tell us that they have used the Deluxe size up until 10-12 months. This creates a feeling of snugness, which is very comforting for the child almost as if the child is being held in a sense.

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