How should I position my baby in the dock?


The Deluxe dock is intended for babies 0-8 months old. Our experience is that parents seem to think the baby has outgrown the Deluxe size dock way before baby is uncomfortable. The design includes a buckle that lengthen the bed area of the DockATot Deluxe, so babies can get longer use out of it. One of our trademarks – "Reinventing the womb" – indicates that the DockATot is supposed to be snug. There are many users that tell us that they have used the Deluxe size up until 10-12 months. This creates a feeling of snugness, which is very comforting for the child. It's as if the child is being held in a sense. However, you may want to wait with unclipping the buckle for a while:

Always place the baby in the dock on his/her back in the correct direction, i.e. with the head in the opposite direction of the buckle. However, bear in mind that most babies do not lay with their legs straight, like adults [sometimes] do, but rather somewhat curled. Many infants like the sense of being surrounded and also resting their legs or feet on top of or against the bumper.

If your infant is scooting downwards in the dock, we recommend placing the child in the feet to foot position, similar to the recommendations of how to place an infant in a crib. This helps prevent the infant from wriggling down under covers that may be present whilst giving them the reassurance from the bumper serving as a leg support, as mentioned above. Please be advised, though, that we advocate the use of wearable blankets (e.g. sleeping sacks) rather than loose blankets, as the latter category pose a suffocation risk.

Bottom line, you may want to leave the buckle clipped for longer than you think. Do note, please, that the buckle is designed to release with a certain amount of pressure, and mind when your baby becomes able to cause it to open.

GRAND:  The child should be placed correctly in the dock, with the head towards the head end of the dock and feet in the direction of the open end of the dock. Always place your child at the top of the Grand.

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